What to expect from AnnieTime PhotoBooth

The photobooth is a large enclosed booth to accomadate 6+ of your friends and family.  We also have a camera and backdrop  setup to fit really large groups.  Annietime Photobooth has fast printing professional grade printer that quickly prints 4×6 single prints or 2 2×6 double prints (so less wait time for guests to have picture in hand!).  The photostrips will be customized to your event and made to your liking.  The booth attendants are friendly and have a lot of customer service experience. This experience was gianed through all the events that we have worked over the years.  This means we need little guidance upon arrival and are good at making our work fun!  We will engage all guests and help when necessary!    We are focused on everyone having a great time at your event!

A little about AnnieTime PhotoBooth..

My photo booth is really a labor of love. With a little (or a lot!) of help from our family and friends, we started AnnieTimePhotoBooth. After our recent nuptials, we decided that the photobooth was so much fun, that we would like to give others the same enjoyment we had. We are experienced with special events and how they should feel and run. We are dependable and love to make sure everyone is having a good time!